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I am dealing with you quite straightforwardly...
...my heart is not made of iron
Yes, yes, I know - I haven't written here in forever. To be fair, that's not likely to change any time soon.


I do still read my f-list pretty much daily. Also, I am doing something epic. Epic, perhaps in the foolishness of it, but epic nonetheless.

Get the deets below or at http://makeitsomag.blogspot.com

I've been writing poetry about Captain Picard since I was about 8 years old (no, you may not read it). Now I'm a grown-ass poet, and I still want to write poetry about Captain Picard. It turns out that a fair number of us poets do. So I'm doing what any sane person who reaches this conclusion would do - I'm going to put together a collection of what is sure to be the most amazing poetry in the Alpha Quadrant, a collection of poetry about Captain Picard, the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D, and their crew.

My goal is to get this fine collection of literature out by June 16, 2011, aka Captain Picard Day.

"Margaret, how may I contribute to this amazing collection?!" you are surely screaming at your computer right now. Well, let me tell you in my best Majel Barrett voice.

I will actually be editing this - I'm not taking everything that is sent my way. If you want your poetry to be considered for Make It So, please email me up to 10 poems in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file by, oh, let's make it February 14th, 2011 for fairly obvious reasons. Send them to makeitsomag (at) gmail.com.

Now, for other things you're probably wondering about. Defying logic, Make It So will be a print collection, hand-made by yours truly. There might be an online version. It's a one-shot. Don't expect this awesomeness on a yearly basis. Also, it's Next Generation only. I don't want TOS, I don't want DS9 (though that's a thought for the future. Mental note.), I don't want Voyager (though if you sent me an amazing poem about the doctor I'd weep silently as I wrote your rejection), and I'll probably get Klingon on your ass if you send me poetry about Enterprise. It doesn't have to be set in the Star Trek world - it can mention Star Trek, use Star Trek as a metaphor, describe your dream in which Patrick Stewart featured (well, up to a point. ahem.), etc. No porn, please (unless it's really hilarious, but then I'll probably reject it anyway - but it will be a good laugh!).

Make it funny, make it serious, make me really really wish that we lived in the same city and could dish about our old fanfic together (shut up - you know you wrote some awesome self-insert fanfic in the 5th grade), but above all, make it high freaking quality poetry about Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Bonus points for Klingon epic poetry with original text and translation.
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Kerouac Fest!

More to come, including more improv audience participation poetry games and poetry by Gary Snyder!

Check us out at http://www.typewritergirls.net
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7:00pm at Your Inner Vagabond!  Be there!

The TypewriterGirls Try Politics:

After the (amazing) scantily clad, mildly orgiastic debacle that was The TypewriterGirls Try Drag, the ladies have decided to turn over a new leaf and begin an epic battle in the name of social justice. Join them in their quest to unionize the Greater Pittsburgh bohemian community–streetwalkers, poets, bicyclists, tarot card readers, amateur astrologers, and the like–while revolutionizing Pittsburgh’s concept of “employed.”

Supported by the AFL-CIO, The TypewriterGirls have rounded up an all-star team of Grass Roots Community Organizers to aid them in their cause.

Featured Miscellany:

Escape Artistry by Dave Doyle (aka Pester the Jester) — Magician, Fire Breather, Stilt Walker, Stage Combatant, Children’s Entertainer and Chain Mail Tinkerer.

Music by Between Liberties — a progressive acoustic musical experiment

Punk Rock Burlesque by Shrimp Scanty — Smallest member of The Bridge City Bombshells (Pittsburgh’s only alternative burlesque troupe).

Dance Party by DJ Randy Spinster

Featured Poets:
Renee Alberts – Renee Alberts lives on a mountain in Pittsburgh with her partner and two cats, Fellini and Pushpaw. From there, she listens to rivers and shortwave and translates the conversations into poetry, sound and collage. She is the author of the recently published No Water (Speed and Brisco, 2009). She collaborates across mediums with some fine wordsmiths, musician, and dancers has organized numerous poetry and music events, including the Sunday Poetry & Reading Series.

Adam Atkinson – Adam Atkinson was born in 1983 and grew up in Arnold, Pennsylvania. This winter, he will be a resident at the Ventspils House for Writing and Translation in Latvia. Currently, he is the Co-Director of Open Thread, a Pittsburgh-based arts organization, where he also coordinates SPF, the upcoming small press festival in Pittsburgh, and serves as Literary Editor of all publications. He has taught writing and literature at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. His poems have appeared in Bat City Review and Encyclopedia Destructica.

Mary Biddinger- Mary is the author of Prairie Fever (Steel Toe Books, 2007), and the Editor of the Akron Series in Poetry. She also serves on the Open Competition Editorial Committee for the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. In 2007 she founded the independent literary magazine Barn Owl Review. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in 32 Poems, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Gulf Coast, The Laurel Review, Memorious, Ninth Letter, North American Review, /nor, Third Coast, and many other journals.

Jay Robinson- Jay Robinson teaches English Composition at the University of Akron. He’s Co-Editor-in-Chief / Reviews Editor of Barn Owl Review. His poems have appeared in Anti, Mars Hill Review, Plainsongs, Softblow, Tar River Poetry, Weave. Prose has been published in Agni and Poetry.

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hooks_and_books just put up a review of the current issue of Goblin Fruit and gave my poem Kalypso the kind of review that this poet had previously only daydreamed people might give her poetry.  I am very flattered and very grateful.

I also was asked to be on a panel at next year's AWP conference, which is a pretty awesome honor. If the panel is approved I'll be talking about the submission process, submitting tips, and my journal's idiosyncrasies.  It's a great opportunity for me and for my journal, Weave. It will really get the word out about us and give me a bit more of a chance to get my name out there, too.  The only down side is that next year's AWP will be held in Denver. Quite a hike, but worth it if this panel ges approved.

Laura and I will be picking up the second issue of Weave from the printer today.  Lots of time in the car this weekend -- yesterday I drove out to Indiana PA to help my friend Crystal with a presentation for one of her final classes for her Master's.  Then today it's out to Butler PA from Pittsburgh for the journals, then tomorrow I'm headed to Windber for DraculaCon.  Now, I'm not huge into Dracula, per say, but it's being held by an friend of mine who I haven't seen in a while, and really, who doesn't want to hang out with ghost hunters and psychics at a creepy hotel? Well, probably Laura doesn't.

Weave's issue 02 release party will also be this weekend at 6pm at Your Inner Vagabond Coffee House and World Lounge in Lawrenceville.  If you're in the area you should stop by -- there will be some amazing readings.  We have people coming in from Akron and from Philadelphia for the event!

I was really down over the past week, but I think I'm starting to pick up. 

Now, I should be working -- or at least writing.

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And I have the pleasure of being in it!


There's lots of juicy delectables in there -- be sure to take a look.

This issue, as with all issues of Goblin Fruit, features readings of many of the poems, including mine, Kalypso. They're always worth a listen. It's great to find a journal that does this for the reader and the writer -- for the reader because it adds another dimension to the poem, and for the writer for the same reason, and because it gets your voice out there, too, reading your work.

The layout for this issue is absolutely gorgeous, again, as seems to be the case with every issue, but I am particularly take with it this time around.

This is definitely a journal I will submit to again. Amal and Jessica clearly put a lot of time and love into Goblin Fruit.

< /gushing >

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The first issue of Weave is officially for sale at: www.weavemagazine.net!

You know you want to buy a copy!

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Weave Magazine is pleased to invite you to an evening of poetry and music to celebrate the release of our inaugural issue hosted by Your Inner Vagabond Coffeehouse & World Lounge on November 9th, 2008 beginning at 5:00pm.

The event should be a splendid evening (especially if YOU are there!) and will include poetry readings from the first issue, silent auction, musical performance by Between Liberties, and the sale of works by local artists. The event is free and open to the public.

The first issue of Weave Magazine will also be for sale.

Sunday November 9
Begins 5pm / Free
Your Inner Vagabond Coffeehouse & World Lounge
4130 Butler St. @ 42nd, Lawrenceville,
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 / 412-683-1623

***If you want to donate time or a case of beer to the cause, drop us a line: weavezine@gmail.com***
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A cappella Zoo is a journal that works with "magical realism and work that experiments with technique, form, language, and thought." They published my poem Dig in their first issue, which has just been released, as well as poetry by Weave contributor J.R. Pearson.

Check it out here!

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Jayne Pupek wrote a lovely book and I got to review it!

Check it out!
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